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havitetty by verhaengnis
Hävitetty on maailma, johon synnyimme.
Tuhottu kaupungit, joissa asuimme. Päiviä sitten
jätimme kaiken taaksemme, toivoen että jostain
löytäisimme vielä paikan jossa on mahdollista elää.
Emme ole nähneet vielä ainuttakaan ihmistä, vain
poltettuja taloja ja eläimiä, joiden sairaudet kalvavat
myös meitä. Kaikki meistä eivät selviä pitkään.

Ravaged is the world into which we were
born. Destroyed are the cities where we dwelt.
Days ago we left everything behind us, hoping
to find a place where it is possible to live.
We have not seen a single man, only scorched
houses and animals, whose diseases are also
plaguing us. All of us will not survive for long.

/Moonsorrow - Hävitetty/

Cracow, Poland
October 2014
tuleen ajettu maa by verhaengnis
tuleen ajettu maa
Maasta savea, taivaalta tuhkaa
Tulesta uhrit poltetun maan
Merestä aallot, taivaalta pisarat
Tulen henget rauhoittamaan

Clay from the earth, ash from the sky

Offerings of the burnt soil from flames
Waves from the sea, drops from the sky
To calm the spirits of fire

/Moonsorrow - Tuleen ajettu maa/

Cracow, Poland
October 2014
a rose for Epona by verhaengnis
a rose for Epona
Do you feel the thorns?
Do you see the tears?
Do you see the blood
Shed in this fell war?
Have you forsaken us?
Have you forgotten our faithful
Men calling your name?

/Eluveitie - A rose for Epona/

Unknown place in Poland


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Adrian von Ziegler, Alai oli, Alestorm, Amon Amarth, Anacondaz, Apocalyptica, Arkona, Behemoth, Birdy, Brainstorm, Chthonian, Decomposter, Die Aerzte, Eluveitie, Enej, Ensiferum, Epica, Faun, Fever Ray, Finntroll, Garmarna, Gloryhammer, Haydamaky, Hedningarna, Heidevolk, Howard Shore, In Extremo, Kat, Kipelov, Korpiklaani, Leningrad, Lyapis Trubetskoy, Magenta harvest, Manegarm, Nigativ, Okean Elzy, Ot vinta, Printa, Rammstein, Rotting Christ, Serj Tankian, Skalmold, Skyforger, Slava Matushke-Rossii Choir, Sofia Jannok, Stout, Svartsot, System of a down, Triakel, Trollfest, Turisas, Tyr, Vader, Valentin Strykalo, Vader, Varg, Vasya Oblomov, Vedan Kolod, Viktor Tsoi i gruppa Kino, Werchowyna, Wintersun.


Human think that they're the ruler of the planet but the timespan that human has been here is nothing compared, for example, to the mountains. And why do we idolize people when there's actually mountains have been defeating everything since the birth of the planet - Mathias Lillmåns.

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